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Northern California Real Estate continues to be a good investment. Rams Head Realty is a member of a local cooperating brokers group which makes it possible for our Real Estate Sales Agents to assist you with the purchase of any property for sale. Many of these properties are featured on our website. A complete inventory is available by mail. Our Real Estate Sales Department specializes in Sea Ranch Real Estate and properties in the local Sonoma and Mendocino Counties. For purchase of homes, lots or acreage in Timber Cove, The Sea Ranch, Gualala, Point Arena, Manchester or Irish Beach our real estate sales agents are here to serve you. Our office is located at 1000 Annapolis Road, P. O. Box 123, The Sea Ranch CA 95497. Rams Head Realty is licensed by California Department of Real Estate.

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For information on properties Call 1(800) 785-3455 or email salesinfo@ramshead.com