Itinerary for Working at the Sea Ranch

      Wake to the sound of crashing surf.
      Brisk hike along the coast before breakfast.
      Plug in the computer download your e-mail.
      Picnic lunch at the beach.
      Respond to your messages.
      Enjoy a quick power nap on the deck.
      Sunset stroll along the bluff.
      Soak in th hot tub before bedtime.

Just another hard day at the office!!

Rams Head Rentals offers many homes with broadband internet access. A list of those homes may be viewed by clicking on "Concierge - Broadband is a Must". If there are other criteria, the Concierge can assist you. Please note, broadband internet access is provided by a third party. Rams Head Rentals nor the owner of this property guaranty access or service levels. Additional charges may be imposed by the provider.

If your favorite home does not provide broadband internet access, remember Rams Head's exclusive feature: All of Rams Head's rental homes provide free long distance throughout the United States and 40 countries worldwide. So, if your favorite home does not offer broadband internet, the telephone call to your dial-up service will be free of charge.

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